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Performance: YES !

Miracles : NO !!!

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Microreactor installation on Genset 60KWA, 28.8 % savings

This is a setup, using  the "Quatro" Reactor.©

Start  your savings now. !!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                             Did you know :
Microreactor is only device on the market, that is 100% invisible to all sensors. !!! No Effies need.

Microreactor system is the most affordable on the market . !!! Work on Petrol and Diesel engines

Microreactor© uses no battery, wires, harsh chemicals, basically maintenance free! 

Please be aware of imitations of the Microreactor system  from BULGARIA, and other Countries, that is not the original Microreactor©. 
The original Microreactor is manufactured in South Africa by Manny Rocha.                

How Microreactor saves your fuel ...
The vapours from the tank are channelled to the Microreactor, as the temperature on the exhaust manifold can go up to 400 Deg. The vapours enter in to the Microreactor channels, been cracked in to syngas / hydrogen, that combination will enhance the combustion taking it to the next level, having a almost perfect combustion result in more power with less acceleration, in other words, the less you depress the accelerator less fuel goes to the engine... With Microreactor system you have the same power with less acceleration.
In fact is a very simple system, that overrules other fuel saving devices on the market. No wires, no Battery, no harsh chemicals, and the best !    Microreactor is 100% invisible to all sensors, no EFIES need.

On the full tank + - 1/2 Litre, you can drive up to 700 Km, if your set up is correct.

What is on the tank ?, 
Is a mix of 50% Methylated alcohol, Methanol, Ethanol, Petrol, Diesel, any hydrocarbons, and 50% water.
In fact a very simple design, where after installation and set up nothing can go wrong, that makes the Microreactor one of the Best fuel saver on the Market Today...

 Remember, don't follow, lead the pack ...,
If there is any questions or concerns, please drop a email,  [email protected]

Agents wanted Worldwide.
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